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Why Refback Still Matters

Let’s say you have a blog and you just published an article. Ideally, that article will be shared on the web, linked from other people’s blog posts and mentioned in social media comments. These links that point back to your article are fittingly called LinkBacks. Monitoring these linkbacks is important to website owners and bloggers. They allow you to follow the spread of your articles through the internet. The idea is; when someone on the internet links to your article, you get a linkback notification from them.

Asynchronous Servers In Rust

Hello everyone. I’ve wanted to use async i/o in Rust for some time but the verbosity of Mio, the generally accepted Rust async library was holding me back. With the recent release of Tokio I wanted to give it another go. In case you don’t know, Tokio is a library that is built on top of Mio and it aims to make writing clients and servers as easy as possible. We’re going to be writing a QOTD or Quote of the Day server.

Explaining Ed

I am sure everyone has tried to use ed at least once. And I’m also sure some people have read Ed, the standard text editor. Its cryptic error messages (just ? actually) and the lack of any user interface probably turns most people away from it. I have to admit, I tried to use it before without any success. I spent probably 15 seconds in it before kill -9‘ing the process.

Surviving on a Metered Connection

Hello everyone! After moving to a new place, we were surprised to see that our internet provider options were quite limited. In fact we were only given 2 choices. We could either have a metered connection that we could start using immediately or we could have a non-metered one if we waited for about two weeks. My father wanted to have an internet connection as quickly as possible so despite my efforts to wait for the non-metered one, we ended up going with the metered connection.

Reverse Engineering A Mysterious UDP Stream in My Hotel

Hey everyone, I have been staying at a hotel for a while. It’s one of those modern ones with smart TVs and other connected goodies. I got curious and opened Wireshark, as any tinkerer would do. I was very surprised to see a huge amount of UDP traffic on port 2046. I looked it up but the results were far from useful. This wasn’t a standard port, so I would have to figure it out manually.