Lolcat Clone in x64 Assembly -

Hey there! In this post, I will be coding a clone of the lolcat program. Lolcat is basically cat with colors. It copies its standard input to its standard output, but modifies the content so that it’s colorful. Here’s a screenshot of lolcat. Please note that this article is a bit long. You can go here for screenshots and the final code. The original lolcat is written in Ruby, but our rewrite will be in x64 assembly.


Surviving on a Metered Connection -

Hello everyone! After moving to a new place, we were surprised to see that our internet provider options were quite limited. In fact we were only given 2 choices. We could either have a metered connection that we could start using immediately or we could have a non-metered one if we waited for about two weeks. My father wanted to have an internet connection as quickly as possible so despite my efforts to wait for the non-metered one, we ended up going with the metered connection.


Reverse Engineering A Mysterious UDP Stream in My Hotel -

Hey everyone, I have been staying at a hotel for a while. It’s one of those modern ones with smart TVs and other connected goodies. I got curious and opened Wireshark, as any tinkerer would do. I was very surprised to see a huge amount of UDP traffic on port 2046. I looked it up but the results were far from useful. This wasn’t a standard port, so I would have to figure it out manually.


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